Course 11: Exporting Products in Demand

Market Research and Intelligence

In doing business there is a simple principle of supply and demand. You as a supplier need to drive your export business towards products that are in demand. In this course we will discuss the importance of market research and intelligence. Each learner will learn how to conduct market research on their specific product so they can make informed decisions on which products and forms will produce profits for their export business. The 9 module course will outline what makes up a market research report and how to use it to make investment decisions for your export business.

Knowing which products are in demand will give you insight into the market with an entry strategy. U.S. economy is made up of numerous multi-billion dollar markets, targeting markets that are specific to the ingredient you supply is the way to profitability. Many exporters do not take the time to do proper market research and they find themselves sourcing buyers in markets that are over saturated with many suppliers or markets that are too small for them to reach their financial goals. in this course each learner will be taught how to target and segment markets for their product so they can increase export revenue.

At the completion of this course learners will have a developed market research report that can serve as a guide for investment and spending for their business. The market research report will serve as the 9th insert into your "Product Passport".

Frequently Asked Questions

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